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Top 5 Dead or Alive

Top 5 Dead or Alive

Ever since Pac and Big died, we’ve heard emcees constantly attempt to include themselves on the “Top 5 Dead or Alive” rapper list. Hip Hop fans have compared their personal Top 5 lists with those of their peers, debating about the merits and flaws on each others’ bill. While it’s definitely been fun to participate in the Great Hip Hop debate, I’ve found it more exciting to broaden the “Top 5 Dead or Alive” discussion to encompass history’s most revolutionary figures.

Rhymefest Give It To Me Contest Update!

Rhymefest Give It To Me Contest Update!

Fest weeds through the first 500 entries to the “Give It To Me” Contest…. Check out the video!

dangerousNEGRO Rhymefest Hit The Studio

The dangerousNEGRO exec team heads to Chicago to sit down with Chitown legend Rhymefest. Stay tuned for major news on dangerousNEGRO Entertainment… El Che coming soon!

Generation Xed Out

Generation Xed Out

I hardly watch TV since I feel guilty about the multiple other tasks I could be completing while sitting in front of the boob tube. In the same amount of time I could allow the television to draw away my attention, I could be writing a new chapter in my book, finishing a lecture, improving a marketing plan, or curiously researching a fascinating topic. Therefore, catching ABC News’ Earth 2100 was indeed a rare and inadvertent event. I just happened to be looking for the following day’s weather forecast, when I stumbled upon the program and was immediately drawn in, as if I were standing on the event horizon of a black hole. Earth 2100 painted the picture I had in my mind of capitalism’s dire consequences.

Racism, in Primetown, on The CW

crossposted at Momma, Here Come That Girl Again! I actually meant to say this earlier and it slipped my mind. This whole pattern from the CW/UPN just goes to show why African Americans maybe need to develop more TV networks dedicated to the African American community. TVOne can’t do it all alone. And BET is […]

MLK was a Revolutionary

MLK was a Revolutionary

by Tre B Equality in a society based on one group dominating all others is a revolutionary concept.  MLK was a revolutionary. Don’t get it twisted, despite the watered-down, docile version of the man they show you on TV and in tributes around this time of year MLK was really a revolutionary.  The reason he’s […]

Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant

Check out these two new designs by dN|Be apparel. The whole situation around Oscar Grant is ridiculous and for every one of these incidents that hits the news, you gotta believe that there’s countless others.  It’s ok to get mad and vent that frustration via protests and whatnot, but we also need results.  When things […]

Justice or Just Us?

[youtube=] How many times will I have to post one of these in 2009? I’m truly disgusted. 2009 is barely 10 days old and already there have been 3 Black men SHOT IN THE BACK BY POLICE. President Obama, please introduce a Universal Code of Police Conduct as soon as you take office. You’ll be […]

The American Criminal Justice System Needs To Be Revamped Part 2

[youtube=] Today is my birthday. I woke up to hundreds of facebook messages, text messages, emails, and voice messages wishing me many more years of life and happiness. I was all smiles until I viewed the footage of Oscar Grant being brutally murdered at the hands of the “good guys.” Never have I been so […]

What if I told you Obama isn’t the first Black U.S. President?

[polldaddy poll=1253070] click on the “Read More” link below to find out the answer

Spring '09 Sneak Peek

Spring ’09 Sneak Peek

much more coming soon…

Quote of the Moment: Malcolm X

“You have whites in the community who express sincerity when they say they want to help. Well, how can they help? How can a white person help the black man solve his problem? Number one, you can’t solve it for him. You can help him solve it, but you can’t solve it for him today.” […]

This year Christmas seemed to have a somber tone. The recession has everyone down. More than ever, I have seen the importance of celebrating Kwanzaa. These 7 principles are more relevant today than ever before. Do yourself a favor and celebrate Kwanzaa with me: NGUZO SABA(The Seven Principles) Umoja (Unity)To strive for and maintain unity […]

Collection Plate Money (Arab Money Parody)


Anti-dangerous video of the moment

Are they serious with this video?  Now they’re just mocking us.  First of all, girls that eat Mickey Dees in the middle of the night ain’t hot.  Second, why do they market to us so hard when we’re already a hefty bunch?  That’s like marketing cigarettes to people with lung cancer.  They must want us […]

Quote of the Moment

“The community’s concern with the election and appointment of Black political figures helps it to maintain false hopes that their attainment of office will significantly resolve its problems. The activities of Black politicians, given the current inadequacy of social organization and economic resources, harmfully distract the Black community’s attention from recognizing and eradicating the true […]