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3 Reasons Why the GOP Doesn’t Scare Me

I think Black people vote straight Democrat for two main reasons: 1) Ignorance and 2) They think Democrats suck but are better than Republicans.  A Bush, McCain, or Romney presidency scares the shit out of us for some reason.  All the crap we’ve been through in this country, and we straight b**** up when it comes to the thought of a Republican being President….like that’s the worst thing that could happen to us.

This is why the GOP doesn’t scare me:

  1. There is no fundamental difference between the Democrats and Republicans when it comes to their treatment of Black folks…or really on their treatment of anyone.  We’re SOL with either of them (regardless of the race of the politicians in question).  Both are parties primarily serve the interests of white elites, then everyone else gets to fight over what’s left.  They differ only on superficial tactics, not fundamental world views, no matter what they say.  Watch what they do…that will tell you what they believe more than any campaign speeches.
  2. If Black people don’t vote Democrat for just one major Presidential election, the Democrats will no longer be able to take our vote for granted and they might actually start paying attention to us….as will all the other parties when they see that we’re not irrationally loyal to the Democratic Party any more.  The symbol of electing a Black President was a powerful statement.  Electing one a second time really isn’t that big of a deal, especially if it’s the same one and seeing that it hasn’t meant much for the Black community anyway.  Now the powerful statement would be for Black people to completely withdraw our support from the Democrats even with a Black President.  We’ll send the message that just because you put a token Black face up there in front of us, we’re not buying it and we’re not stupid.  You still have to work for our votes, and if you don’t, we’ll take them elsewhere.
  3. Let’s live in this make-believe world where the GOP really is the right arm of the devil and if a Republican is elected president it would be the worst possible scenario for Black people.  Have you ever noticed that Black people only make a lot of progress when we’re fighting a clear enemy or for a clear cause (slavery, right to vote, integration, Troy Davis, etc.)?  But the crisis has to be drastic and acute…if it slowly builds up over time and is not overt, it’s hard for us to organize around it. It’s bad right now for us, but apparently it’s not bad enough.  So maybe a GOP prez would make it so bad that we would get shocked out of our current complacency.
I don’t know.  I just feel like Black people are our own worst enemy and I get frustrated.  What do you think about the possibility of getting Blacks to withdraw their undying loyalty for the Democrats and supporting candidates that actually give a damn?

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  1. Heaven says:

    Black people are cowards complacent ignorant materialistic fools. We have no think tanks we have so much separation among us. I hate African in America mentality… Our live so mess up weak men who don’t support black woman. Fuatrated woman who don’t respect men. Children who don’t have regards for education. But who can blame them. Anyway I stop a long time participating in vote game. It’s a game Never protest US will kill you. O’Toole have too much fear

  2. Blaque Swan says:

    Are you kidding me? No, Dems aren’t leading a new Civil Rights Movement, Black Freedom Movement. No, they aren’t looking to restore the principles of the radical, then Republican, Congress that wanted much more than we got during Reconstruction.

    But are you paying attention to what Republican presidential candidates are saying? They’ll just as well have us back under de facto Jim Crow. They don’t even try to pretend to think people of color are created equal to people of privilege.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand voting for someone based on the policies they propose. But Democratic policies are better for EVERYBODY, black or white, rich or poor, than are Republican policies. There’s no question about that. So if not Dems, who do you suggest we vote for? Our disdain for the Republican party has nothing to do with our being ignorant but rather, our being aware.

    @ Heaven – Facts don’t support your argument. The absence of black men from the home has nothing to do with blackness as such. Rather, it has everything to do with the mainstream definition of masculinity, the economy, and most importantly, the so-called drug war. Any other group of people in our situation would have the exact same numbers. Also, no one respects black men more than black women. If it were true that there were a mass disrespect among black women for black men, there’d be fewer black babies. Lastly, our children regard education just the same as anyone else. We spend equal amounts of time studying and working to be academically successful. Please, don’t participate in perpetuating lies and myths about us.

  3. Fred says:

    I think the problem is strictly A racist Gov.To which has a terrible history in the way it oppresses and treats humans of color.They let the CIA put drugs and other types of murderous tactics in there war to keep us weak.It’s well documented in all news paper archives libraries and judicial archives.The problem with America is that we support politicians that don’t support the people and we let lobbyist for big corps run DC.

  4. Droidednole says:

    Actually people black or white vote on the issue or issues that actually matter to them. I just find it really appalling that so many poor white people vote for legislators who openly tell them that they are going to give the richest of the rich tax cuts and tax incentives. The fact that the rich want to remain that way, should imply to everyone that they are going to do what benefits them. That doesn’t mean creating jobs, that doesn’t mean fixing social entitlement programs (keep on giving them handouts, that way they will never better themselves and create any wealth), that means keeping wealth where it belongs. And the appalling fact is that the poorest white folks will continue to vote for Republican candidates because of what…why? Because of racial bonding! Just saying..RIP Derrick Bell

  5. Lee says:

    You know I get tired of idiots coming out the woodwork and trying to criticize this president.First of all he didn’t run on Black issues he ran on Change.You MoFos always got your damn hand out looking for the Messiah. For two you didn’t put him in office by yourself and probably most didn’t vote because you always looking for someone else to do the fighting.
    Like in the 60s when MLK was marching they said Why y’all comin down ere wes all right.Now they walk around like they freed themselves of Jim Crow and still hate the Blacks in the North.They still cling to white people as their master.Go figure!!

  6. says:

    Cant believe this post. Most people do not understand government, he can not do it alone, bills have to be voted on by other members of government etc. Your job is not done after voting day.
    Completely sick of people acting as if the other half see use as their equal, and black people should be happy and get over it, what ever they think it is.
    If the other party do get in color will not be your only worry the money in your pocket will.
    @Lee you comment was okay until the last part. MLK is from the south so what are you talking about

  7. Robert C says:

    ALL views that I have noticed are based within, are inclusive of, or are shaped by FOUR criteria – REGION, RELIGION, BACKGROUND & ECONOMIC REALITY!!…I personnally can UNDERSTAND ALL the points brought out, but as we as Black/African Americans Americans are concerned, MY creed is SIMPLE (just as a Jewish friend of mine told me recently about how THEY look at unity..) ‘What hurts ONE of us…hurts ALL of US!!.. when WE get to THAT point of understanding, unity and collective goals, respect and values, it soesn’t matter WHICH political party is in offiec – we need to PUSH OUR COLLECTIVE AGENDAS, STAND FIRM and PROTEST, FIGHT, BE HEARD and NOT GIVE UP!!!…this formula has worked, and you cannot argue SUCCESS!!

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