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Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Anti-Christian Democracy

Dr. John Henrik Clarke – Anti-Christian Democracy

Unlike most of the videos we post, this is a short one.  Short, but powerful.  Dr. Clarke drops some jewels of wisdom. “You cannot destroy slavery by becoming a part of your Master’s cultural incubator.” -Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Ask dN: Black Unemployment

Ask dN: Black Unemployment

Today’s question comes from Jetaime Celestin on our facebook page:  How do we approach resolving black unemployment? Great question, and this is actually my area of expertise, so this response might be a bit long. First, a few good books that I’ve read that deal with this subject and Black economics in general are Blueprint for […]

3 Reasons Why the GOP Doesn't Scare Me

3 Reasons Why the GOP Doesn’t Scare Me

I think Black people vote straight Democrat for two main reasons: 1) Ignorance and 2) They think Democrats suck but are better than Republicans.  A Bush, McCain, or Romney presidency scares the shit out of us for some reason.  All the crap we’ve been through in this country, and we straight b**** up when it […]

#OccupyEverywhere but Target Individuals

#OccupyEverywhere but Target Individuals

The problem with Western/Euro-centric capitalism is not that capitalism is inherently evil like so many revolutionaries seem to think.  You’ve got to be able to differentiate between the man and the weapon.  The problem is the short-sighted profit motive as a singular focus and the dehumanization/depersonalization of corporations.  We seem to forget that companies don’t […]

Open Letter to Tyler Perry

Dear Mr. Perry, I recently saw the news headline about you being the highest paid person in Hollywood this year.  This news does not surprise me one bit.  I’ve long known the power of catering to the Black consumer well.  We spend almost $1 trillion a year.  I don’t understand why companies aren’t doing a […]

Leaders Urged Stop Africa from Dying, Race War in Africa…

World African Diaspora Union Leaders Urged Stop Africa from Dying, Race War in Africa… IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Date: 7/25/2011 Contact:  404-527-7756/718-523-3312/WADUPAM.ORG ATLANTA, GA. July 25, 2011 – “Africa is dying” warned the former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark as he condemns the attack on Libya as illegal and racist and called for the intensification of actions […]

How We Should Celebrate The 4th

How We Should Celebrate The 4th

Hey you with that BBQ in your hands…what are you doing?  Have you lost your natural mind…yes, yes you have.  I’m about to say some un-American sh*t so get ready.  When I’m done you can tell me to go back to Africa if I don’t like it here, and I will reply, “First, I’m planning […]

Black Consumer 101

How To Be a Responsible Black Consumer by Tre Baker I’ve done a lot of studying and research on economic development as it relates to the Black community, and, as you can imagine, I’ve found many critical issues that need to be addressed.  But I think most of these issues stem from the same core […]

Questions and Answers

The story behind this poem is pretty interesting.  Apparently, the author was put in a trance and prompted to verbalize how they felt about their situation in life and how to improve it and the interviewer encouraged them to keep going by asking questions at certain points, which explains why it jumps around a bit […]

Relationship advice...from 4000+ years ago

Relationship advice…from 4000+ years ago

To continue Black History Year, here’s some relationship advice from over 4000 years ago.  The wisdom of Africa is much older than we are lead to believe.  From the Teachings of Ptahhotep: 21. When you prosper and establish your home, love your wife with ardor.  Then fill her belly and clothe her back.  Caress her.  […]

The Story of Queen Nzinga

The Story of Queen Nzinga

This is an excerpt from The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams (available here).  If you don’t know a lot about African History and have only been taught Black history starting with slavery, you should definitely read this book. The setting for the story described in the excerpt is Angola around 1622.  The Portuguese […]

Assuming Problems are Problems

M.D. Turner In this political and economic environment the mainstream media loves to talk about all these problems we’re having.  The hot buttons being unemployment, health care, failing school system, taxes, energy independence, etc. The major assumption is that people in political and social leadership are just as incompetent and clueless as the rest of […]

Victimization Slows Progress

by Tre B. While I’m usually the first to step out in defense of my African brothers and sisters in the motherland and at first this video upset me, I thought about it for a minute, and realized that this is just another example of the victim mentality inhibiting creative thinking and problem solving.  Whether […]

$16 Billion Down the Drain

$16 Billion Down the Drain

by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu This summer and throughout the year our largest 150 African American organizations will convene their national conferences. They include the NAACP, Urban League, Operation Push, National Baptist, Omegas, Alphas, Kappas, Sigmas, Deltas, AKAs, Sigma Gamma Rho, and many more. I am honored that I will be speaking at many of them. […]

Make it Plain – Black Business

Video: Tim Wise, the Pathology of White Privilege

M.D. Turner So, just found out about this guy and spent several hours watching all the videos of him I could find.  I like this guy because he’s not professing to be a “good” white person trying to “help” Black people.  What “good” white people need to do is get their own people in line. […]