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ZEALE Drops The Microphone of Time

img_0102If you haven’t heard of ZEALE before, get your mind right… the budding star is about to be all over your radio, internets, and movie screens.  Since dN partnered with the lyrical assassin back in January, we’ve watched ZEALE make major headway in this Hip Hop game.  There was the global tour he did of the middle east this February.  Then we shadowed him as he ripped over 20 stages at Austin’s SXSW in March (FOOTAGE HERE).  Finally we watched the dude light up the silver screen with his role in the major motion picture Bandslam.  2009 isn’t even over yet!  Keeping up with the onslaught ZEALE just dropped off this heat rock of a mixtape (dubbed The Microphone of Time).  If you care about pleasuring your ears make sure you download it HERE…. otherwise get your hearing aids warmed up as your auditory senses shall surely shut off after not being put to good use!

Visit today.

Our original interview with ZEALE, posted on January 28, 2009, can be found below:

dangerousNEGRO was in the building at KRS-One’s Stop The Violence Tour in Houston when a new phenom descended upon the stage.  Hosted by M1 from dead prez, we knew we were in for an exciting show. As the anticipation built up for The Blastmaster KRS-One to rip the stage, an act surprisingly stole the show!

Sounding like a Slim Shady/Andre 3000 hybrid, Zeale (pronounced Zilly) took the stage in front of a restless crowd. As usual, spectators were a bit skeptical of hearing brand new material. Zeale gripped the mic and rocked the spot like very few emcees can! Listening to Zeale was like hearing Hip Hop in the the 23rd century. As he performed “Haterz and Robotz,” I found myself checking my phone to make sure I was still in the year 2009. Just when I was assured that I was indeed only 9 years into the new millenium, Zeale’s hypeman started taking words from the audience, which Zeale in turn threw into a freestyle. Everyone’s jaw dropped as Zeale figured out a way to spontaneously rhyme “revolutionary,” “apathy,” “combustion,” and several other words on the spot. I came to see arguably the greatest rapper of all time in KRS-One, and left grinning about the birth of the new legend – ZEALE.

After his show, I knew I had to reach out to the cat. He is the epitome of Young. Gifted. Black. Peep the exclusive interview he granted dangerousNEGRO:

1. What makes you a dangerous emcee?

My arsenal. I have mastered an acclaimed ability to freestyle with and as one of the best in the world. (World Rap Championship Finalist, NY) I have also proven to have one of the most dangerously hype live shows and a ridiculous ability to capture “swagger” in my recording and song writing capabilities.

2. Who are some of your influences (musical and otherwise)?

Obama, MLK, Talib Kweli, BIG, Jay-Z, Outkast, Radiohead, Pink Floyd

3. What is your goal in this whole Hip Hop thing?

To become one of the greatest performers and lyricist to date. And I will.

4. Spit your dopest bar to date!

“I’m here to stay, and I won’t go away…So I’m like racism in the U.S.A.”

5. Who are your top 5 dead or alive?

Jay-Z, BIG, Andre 3000, Nas, Eminem (Young Eminem)

6. What can we expect from you in the next year?

International notoriety, national movie appearance, more releases, bigger tours, more “dangerousness”

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  1. datdude says:

    I’ve heard his stuff..this kid is dope!

  2. peachyfay07 says:

    I just listened to The Microphone of Time mixtape last week and that was the 1st I heard of Zeale. After listening, with no hesitation, I’ll admit that he is a uniquely REFESHING collective of his Top 5. Eclectic.Thought-Provoking.Fresh….Hip Hop.*MMMMM*

    I’m actually QUITE shocked that he is from Texas!! I guess I’m letting some down south stereotype get the best of me, lol Keep up the great work!

  3. hi Thanks for a great blurb. Noted and come by shortly. cya

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