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The Story of Queen Nzinga

This is an excerpt from The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams (available here).  If you don’t know a lot about African History and have only been taught Black history starting with slavery, you should definitely read this book.


The setting for the story described in the excerpt is Angola around 1622.  The Portuguese were up to their usual nefarious business of rape, murder, and pillage, even against their own economic interest (slaves were worth more dead than alive, but the savages that they were, they couldn’t help themselves and kept on with the mass murders).

It had gotten so bad that the Angolan King, who was a slave holder as well and a feeble ruler complicit in the destruction of his country, even had to put his foot down for fear of being sold into slavery himself.  So he organized a resistance.  However, the people, knowing the weakness of their king, were actually following his formidable sister, Ann Nzinga.  The resistence was causing massive losses on both sides, and the Portuguese, tired of the many defeats they were suffering, sent a peace delegation.  And that is where the story begins.

The peace conference was held at Luanda.  The black delegation was headed by the country’s ablest and most uncompromising diplomat, Ann Nzinga, not yet queen, but sister of the king – the woman power behind a weak king, and the one responsible for inspiring the people to continue the war of resistance when every hope was gone, unless she herself had become their last hope.  But even before the peace conference began, and at the risk of wrecking it, the governor’s Caucasian arrogance could not be restrained.  He had decided on a studied insult at the outset by providing chairs in the conference room only for himself and his counselors, with the idea of forcing the black princess to stand humbly before his noble presence.  He remained seated, of course, staring haughtily as she entered the room.  She took in the situation at a glance with a contemptuous smile, while her attendants moved with a swiftness that seemed to suggest that they had anticipated this stupid behavior by the Portuguese.  They quickly rolled out the beautifully designed royal carpet they had brought before Nzinga, after one of them went down on all fours and expertly formed himself into a “royal throne” upon which the princess sat easily without being a strain on her devoted follower.  Yet she rose at regular intervals, knowing that the other attendants were vying for the honor of thus giving to these whites still another defeat.  I gather from the different ways this incident is reported that the Western mind is unable to grasp its real meaning.  Some historians saw it as a cruel and inhuman use of slaves, ignoring the fact that Nzinga’s chief claim to fame was that she was the greatest abolitionist of slavery, that she herself had no slaves and, indeed, had not the slightest need for any.  One reason might be that she was so much loved and even blindly followed by her people that is was believed that all would die, to the last man and woman, following her leadership.  Such were the mean, not slaves, who gladly formed a human couch before the astonished Portuguese for their leader.

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  1. Team Afro says:

    I encourage everyone to learn something new during Black History Month and you have definitely shared something I did not know. Good work brother and thank you. This is excellent excerpt and I am sure to read this book when I have time.

  2. iesha says:

    i wonder when someone will make a movie about this women.when people want to talk about Africa,they only want to hear about Egypt and their kings and queens and try to make all of them white.we need to hear about the rest of Africa.there’s so much more to it then Cleopatra.

  3. Much of our History in Cabo Verde is intimately and intricately a woven pano with Africans from Angola Ribeira Grande de Santiago Cidade Velha Cabo Verde. Ana Nzinga and her tribe had many of their linage brought to Cabo Verde.Today Angola and Cabo Verde are like Sisters and Brothers in unity we fought against Portugal colonialist dictatorship. Cabral and Neto & Mondalane went to school together in Portugal,That became the team to destroy the fascist regime.
    (Manu Cher’no Salahudin)

  4. Ten years ago, you could not find anyone to even discuss the lost link “Portal” and breast of Africa. The Islands of Cabo Verde. The closely guarded secret was Cabalistic and Occult.The initiates and families elites, who new the history,but was into a secret or sacred brotherhood of Prior and founder..St. Anthony’s order,and could not share this knowledge outside the lodge or temples,and families We know the oldest order of Fransican Catholic priest, Is not the true root of African history.A European version of who is known as the DR..of the Church. Rich Aristocrat family bloodline of Bulhao the monastary of the Holy Cross Knights of christ.Portugal. They recieved Papal priviledges and grants.without dutie and permision of the Church, to creat the slaves for the New Jerusalem at the meeting point of intellectuals and power elite. “Scriptorium & consolidation of Royal Powers under King Sanko and the Moors /Berber and other Crusaders at Siles
    That was the Churches version of St. Anthony of Lisbon a Blue Blood. But the untold St. Anthony is The Order of St. Anthony , a Ethiopian order,founded by ” “Nagus”. The true Order of Chivalry .The Grand Cross also Known as st. Anthony parade and Festival being held July 10th,here in “FOX PIONT ,R.I. But no one there will know The Prester John of Ethiopia,or why the flag has gone from red,yellow and green of Ethiopia to blue and white of European union and the five pionted stars of Cabral and Barboza became the Red white and Blue of Today. whats missing ? The Corn and the Black star. All clearly coming full circle to mean there must be more to this story,since we actually think we are preserving our heritage , but infact. replacing it . There are schools in Europe but the wisdom is really in africa.America is now 51% Bi Racial. The Race is over.Disclosure is free to anybody willing to do the homework.

  5. Peace to bro. Salah, I say this publicly. over a decade ago,You were the first to educate me of our history and the research that others shared about The The Cape verdean American story. since then I feel I have helped you in that great mission to pass on and preserve the “Source of our being” I have come full circle. The time is right to Try teaching the true history and include the Esotoric Occult beginnings of the Ethiopian/Moorish alliance with Portugal’s Secret Jewsish orders and historical Alliances.Please my Bro. share the untold version The Cape Verdean and The Afro American are blind to this powerful knowledge that awaits the world stage. 51% of Americans are Bi racial,the portal is open for us to present leadership and answers for tomorrows world. feel free to call or contact me we can collaborate on this disclosure and FIRM platform for re education and recovery

  6. Guy Schember says:

    WOW!! AWESDOME message!! Everybody needs to hear this!! Thank you Jim Meyer for thsi message!!!

  7. Qyazar says:

    Where did Chancellor Williams get this information for this so-called historical book? Why only present the good of Nzinga and not the bad too. Surely he can not really believe she didn’t own slaves. She was not good to her people; she had a male harem that she made fight to the death over who got to sleep with her that night, and then in the morning she would have him killed so that she never slept with the same man twice in her harem.

    Yes, she was strong woman. She was a leader. But why lie to us? Why leave us uneducated so that we sound pitifully stupid when we talk to someone who actually does know her real history? Why must we continue keeping African Americans in the dark concerning education? What are you afraid of, William? She was a terrible person who helped free slaves. Just like everyone, she had a good side and a dark side. But her dark side was very, very dark. Do not pretend she was a saint. She was not.

  8. Qyazar says:

    Also, the govenor was not caucasion (white) he was of Spanish descent… latino.

  9. kitsilano says:

    We are all the children of Eve, who was Black.

    Following the Great world Flood Eve’s 3 sons replenished the world as the Black, the White and the Pale, or the African, the European and the Asian. To clarify, there is no true Red Race yet, since Western Indians descend from the migrant itinerants who first crossed the Atlantic or the Pacific. Evidence of this point is that Indians tend to take after one of the three main lineages by revealing African, or Asian or European features. There is no purely American Indian Tribe. All people in the world today derive from one or more of the root Nations.

    Since this is so, derogatory evolutionary Racism has no basis in our genes and is merely an evil political institution designed to defeat natural superiority by inventing a’ priori false distinctions.

    The Queen was a product of her times and would have been no better or worse than her peers. It is important for us to remember that she was engaged by the culture of Slavery which was consistent with that age. She should not be discredited for excessive sexual appetites or even for committing homicide, as a way to deny her any validity, or to claim that black people remain invalid.

    On this scale Jesus is also a Black man.

    When He appears He will explain this in order to re-unite the descendants of both Adam and of Eve as a single global Family.

  10. Zhana says:

    Excellent blog about Queen Nzinga. More people need to know this history. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. jake says:

    wait how did queen nzinga die again???????

  12. jake says:

    no really how i really want to know

  13. jake says:

    im doing a history report on her…..a great girl really

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  15. Maria says:

    Thanks for stianrtg the ball rolling with this insight.

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