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3 Reasons Why the GOP Doesn't Scare Me

3 Reasons Why the GOP Doesn’t Scare Me

I think Black people vote straight Democrat for two main reasons: 1) Ignorance and 2) They think Democrats suck but are better than Republicans.  A Bush, McCain, or Romney presidency scares the shit out of us for some reason.  All the crap we’ve been through in this country, and we straight b**** up when it […]

Dead Prez: Politrikkks

First single off the upcoming Dead Prez album: Information Age [youtube=]

You Can Have The Presidency, If I Could Have These Things

You Can Have The Presidency, If I Could Have These Things

by Dr. Boyce Watkins Barack Obama’s voice booms high into the clouds as our nation’s president. But it is also a voice that is sometimes muted by policy, distorted by conflicting agendas and distracted by the complexities of the world in which we live. I find myself mildly disturbed by the excessive celebration within our […]

Why “The Dream” Remains UN-fulfilled

By Tre B. [youtube=] Let me start off by saying that I voted for Obama because I thought he was the best choice given the other options and I think he will be an exceptional President for the United States.  However, as Black Americans we must remain grounded in reality and think about this so-called […]

Racism after Obama's victory

Racism after Obama’s victory

article from The Week, November 5, 2008 One election won’t “solve the problem of race in America,” said Matthew Syed in the London Times online, because “bigotry and hatred” are no longer the main issue. The real problem is that, even after the gains of the civil rights movement, black Americans have yet to achieve […]

F*** Joe the Plumber: Economic Equality and The Myth of “Free Markets”

by Tre B. Now I’m no expert economist, so like Levar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, “You don’t have to take my word for it…”  However, there are some commentators in the media, who claim to be experts, telling outright lies.  Maybe it’s intentional or maybe they’re just ignorant, but let me […]