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Make it Plain – Black Business

Revolutionary Daily Thoughts (2/28 – 3/6)

“When the oppressed, for whatever reason, begin to feel too weak to fight their real enemy, the oppressor himself, they turn upon themselves, squabbling over this or that theory while leaving the oppressor free to do anything he chooses.” -Nathan Hare “If one examines the earliest history of a race, one can draw insightful parallels […]

Revolutionary Daily Thoughts (2/21 thru 2/27)

From the Revolutionary Daily Thoughts posted every day on our facebook page: RDT: “Who’ll pay reparations on my soul.” -Gil Scott Heron RDT: “Don’t integrate…infiltrate. Similar means, different end.” -Malcolm D. Turner RDT: “Critical consciousness is not “banned,” it is simply smothered behind an ever-growing avalanche of shit. What that means is that, if the […]

Our Perspective in Haiti

Our Perspective in Haiti

Fam, if you’re fine with Anderson Cooper or someone else from CNN being the only voice you hear with news from Haiti, that’s fine, but if you’re interested in an African-centered perspective and you want to hear from real Haitians and let them tell their own story (unfiltered by mainstream media) then help us send […]

Thieving French & Haitian Reparations

Thieving French & Haitian Reparations

by Tre B. I’ve been meaning to get around to learning about the history of Haiti for a good minute since it was the first independent African/Black republic in the Western hemisphere.  I also want to predict what will happen to Haiti, from an international relations standpoint, due to the recent earthquake.  The best way […]

The Future of Blacks in Hip Hop

The Future of Blacks in Hip Hop: Masters or Slaves? By Tre Millyanz “Ma, what is this crap you’re listening to?  That’s old white people music!” This is a statement talking about Hip Hop I imagine happening 20 to 30 years from now.  Granted, it’s hard for us to imagine now, but look at what […]

Letter to a Stubborn Sista

A poem to a stubborn sista…

Nigerian Rebels Sabotage Shell, Agip Oil Pipelines

By Dulue Mbachu July 8 (Bloomberg) — The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta said it sabotaged trunk lines run by Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Eni SpA’s Agip unit in its longest-running series of attacks against Nigeria’s oil industry to date. The latest raid took place in Bayelsa state at about 2 […]

Free Knowledge: KRS~One

Free Knowledge: KRS~One

I’m not sure why dude is always yelling, but he’s speaking that realness. “The New World Order has a black face.” “Liberty is not granted, it’s taken.  Freedom, it can never be given to you, it’s in here [your heart]!” “If somebody else can give you freedom, they can also take it away.” “…Are you […]

Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant

Check out these two new designs by dN|Be apparel. The whole situation around Oscar Grant is ridiculous and for every one of these incidents that hits the news, you gotta believe that there’s countless others.  It’s ok to get mad and vent that frustration via protests and whatnot, but we also need results.  When things […]

The Post Stop Snitching Era Has Begun

[youtube=] by Demetrius Walker I’ll never forget my first speaking engagement as the Chief Marketing Officer of dN Group LLC. The Charles A. Tindley Charter School in Indianapolis asked me and a couple of my partners to speak in front of an entire gymnasium full of middle schoolers. It was the perfect platform because after […]

The Most Important Presidential Election Ever. Again. No, Really!

The Most Important Presidential Election Ever.  Really. by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon Every four years we hear that the current presidential election is undoubtedly the most important one in our lifetimes, perhaps the most significant in all the long history of the republic.  We heard it (and some of us said it) four years […]