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Rhymefest Give It To Me Contest Evaluation 2!

festgeekFest is back at it again… trying to find a hot verse worthy enough to make the classic El Che LP.  After going through over a thousand contest entries, Fest gives a second recap…. check it out!

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  1. ThaBeastWithin says:

    Damn “Fest stop sleepin’. Tragedy tha Beast nigga!

  2. Foolio says:

    Fest is crazy! LOL
    This nigga should stop rapping and do comedy. He is too silly. I laughed so hard I poohted

  3. Jay says:

    That fool said Break Away “sound like Ma$e dead” WOW. Break Awaaaaaaay from rap music

    RhymeFest is hilarious. When is this album coming out? Release Date? Expected Release date? Something? Is Rhymefest the only artist dN has? It would be crazy if dN could get Dead Prez. Or Fest with a Dead Prez track cause Stic Man got flows.

    still laughing at this fool for looking into the mouse at Break Away clown was looking everywhere Fest = Insaine

  4. Endurer says:

    Man, Fest broke these dudes off. I don’t even feel bad about being in the first group that he knocked off. I left a message for cats to know what he was looking for and they still went about it the wrong direction. This dude is funny.

  5. Brian Bielby says:

    That has been a well chosen plan.

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